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Key factors to consider when choosing a third party library include code reproducibility, reliability and stability.  MJFVCL builds upon the solid foundation provided by MJFAF thereby giving you the confidence to use it in each and every development project.

MJFVCL is a set of components designed to compliment MJFAF and is available for use with C++Builder™ 5 and above.  Some of the included components are outined below.


(MJFVCL is currently only available as a FREE product when purchasing the MJFAF Suite)


TMJFAlphaBlend - Provides alpha blending (transparency level and/or colour based) of an application's main form (especially useful in older versions of C++Builder where this feature is not available).
TMJFAntiSleep - Provides the ability to prevent the monitor from turning off or allowing the PC to transition into a sleep state when there is no user activity.
TMJFAppWatchdog - Add this to any application that needs to be monitored for lock ups and abnormal termination.
TMJFBZIP2Compressor - Implements BZIP2 compression.
TMJFBZIP2Decompressor - Implements BZIP2 decompression.
TMJFComponentNotificationSink - Acts as a proxy to notify you when a VCL object has been destroyed.
TMJFControlSubClass - Subclasses any TControl allowing you to pre/post process its WndProc() via event handlers.
TMJFDebugToDebugger - Can be used on its own or linked to a TMJFLog to provide automatic logging of messages to a debugger.
TMJFDebugToFile - Can be used on its own or linked to a TMJFLog to provide automatic logging of messages to a file.
TMJFDebugToListBox - Can be used on its own or linked to a TMJFLog to provide automatic logging of messages to a TListBox.
TMJFDebugToMemo - Can be used on its own or linked to a TMJFLog to provide automatic logging of messages to a TMemo.
TMJFExeLicense TMJFExpiryModel - Used to implement application licensing.
TMJFGridPanel - A specialized panel designed to create a grid layout.
TMJFGripsManager - Provides runtime support for dragging, resizing and moving TControl descendants at runtime.
TMJFHash - Implements MD4, MD5, SHA1-64, SHA2-224, SHA2-256, SHA2-384 and SHA2-512.
TMJFIndyConnectionAdaptor - Provides an interface to any Indy 9 or Indy 10 type that is capable of reading/writing a connection.
TMJFLanguageStore - Stores locale information as provided by Windows with formatting and sorting options.  Several adaptors are included that simplify the population of controls such as TComboBox, TListBox and TCheckListBox.
TMJFLog - Implements a thread safe approach to logging data to a file, event handler or other subscribed logger component.  Provides filtering capabilities on a per subscriber basis.
TMJFMessageEvents - Register known or custom messages with this component and have an associated event handler automatically called when received.
TMJFMRU - Implements a Most Recently Used list.
TMJFPanel - Provides small enhancements over the standard VCL TPanel component.
TMJFPowerEvents - Notifies your application of power management changes including changes to the battery level, enter/exit of sleep modes.  Includes support for Away mode available in Vista and above.
TMJFShellSearch - Implements advanced file searching that supports include and exclude folders as well as file masks and search attributes.
TMJFSimplePipeServer - Implements a named pipe server.
TMJFSimplePipeClient - Implements a named pipe client.
TMJFStartupTimer - A timer designed to trigger once when the form is initially loaded at runtime.
TMJFTrackBar - An extended version of TTrackBar that provides additional event handlers to define custom tooltips and be notified when the mouse is released from the slider.
TMJFTaskBarMenu - Replaces the System menu associated with right-clicking the application's button on the task bar.
TMJFTrayIcon - Provides a tray icon for your application that is automatically re-created if the Windows Shell is terminated.
TMJFVersionInfo - Extracts version information from the application.
TMJFWatchdogMonitor - Monitors applications using the TMJFAppWatchdog component.

Components are added to MJFVCL based on customer requirements, whether they be wrappers for classes found in MJFAF or custom designed from scratch to meet a specific need.  If you're a user of MJFAF/MJFVCL then don't hesitate to make suggestions for future releases.


Download the current documentation: