MJFAF - Build With Confidence

MJFAFMJFAF is MJ Freelancing's flagship product.  Comprised of several runtime packages, MJFAF is a comprehensive collection of utility classes and functions aimed at increasing the return on investment in every project you create.

Whether you're developing a console or Win32 application, Win32 service, Win32/COM DLL or a runtime/designtime package, MJFAF is sure to include a solution that simplifies, or even solves, your immediate C++Builderâ„¢ development requirements.

Some of the key areas of support provided by MJFAF include:

  • Debug complex applications
  • Manage dynamic object lifetime
  • Implement advanced threads
  • Provide multiple thread access safety to objects
  • Implement object and thread pools
  • Manage shared memory
  • Implement TCP/IP communication using Indy
  • Perform data hashing
  • Perform data encryption
  • Perform data compression
  • Access the Windows Background Intelligent Transfer Service
  • Access to the Recycle Bin
  • Perform bit masking calculations
  • Obtain detailed information about various versions of Windows
  • Create (thread safe) atomic data types
  • Dynamically loading DLLs with added type safety
  • Implement advanced streams
  • Access environment variables
  • Use common COM utilities such as the Global Interface Table
  • Generate HTML using an object based framework
  • Read/Write XML files using an object based framework
  • Read/Write INI files using an object based framework
  • Create structured configuration files supporting import/export via INI/XML files and the Registry. Export to HTML is also available.
  • Manage MDI forms
  • Access Runtime Type Information for your VCL objects
  • Create secondary desktops
  • Implement Singleton based objects
  • Create deletion functors for use with STL containers
  • Access the Windows System Restore Points
  • Access the Windows Firewall service
  • Use the Windows Management Interface
  • Much, much, more.


Download the current documentation: